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Joint Designation

The ASPPB/National Register Designation Project ceased operations in 2018, with the final new program review taking place and the Joint Designation Committee meeting in April 2014. Click HERE for the full announcement.

Programs that were designated were reviewed by the ASPPB/National Register Designation Committee and were found to meet the Designation Criteria which were developed at the 1977 National Conference on Education and Credentialing in Psychology. Therefore, graduates of designated programs typically will meet the educational requirements for licensing.  

Designation as a Resource to ASPPB Member Boards
It is important that students, faculty, licensing boards and the courts understand that this process does not purport to substitute for the judgment of licensing authorities as to the ability of any program to qualify a candidate for licensure/certification purposes or ensure that the program meets the jurisdiction's mandated curriculum requirements.

Requirements differ in the 64 ASPPB member jurisdictions. Program designation is not intended to substitute for the individual review of applicants for licensure.

Identifying Designated Programs
Click HERE for a historical listing of ASPPB/National Register Designated Doctoral Programs in Psychology from 1981-2018. 

For more information, please contact ASPPB.

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