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Info for Closing Programs

ASPPB Closed Record Verification Service (CRVS)

The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) has been a leader in the retention of psychologist data since 1961. As psychology training programs close, ASPPB offers to permanently store the records for psychologists having attended the program as an agent for the primary source. This ensures availability of the records for future purposes of psychology licensure.


Information for Programs

ASPPB will accept your trainee records at no charge (other than the cost to ship the records to us) in the event that your institution decides to close your training program. ASPPB will permanently and safely store the records indefinitely. ASPPB will then release only pertinent information to third parties when the former trainee provides us with authorization, either directly or through an authorization release form he/she has signed with the querying entity.

What information should be included in each psychologist/intern record (even the records of those interns/residents who did not complete the program):


  • Psychologist's/Intern's Name
  • Name of Training Program
  • Dates of Training (must include # of hours of individual supervision per week and the total number of hours of experience)
  • Program Director Name
  • Name of direct supervisor(s)
  • Supervisor(s)' degree and licensure stutus
  • Whether or not the training was sucessfully completed
  • Any problems the intern/resident may have had while enrolled in the program (e.g., probation, discipline, leave of absence approved or unapproved, etc.)

Other optional information that may be included:

  • Description of duties
  • Hours of group supervision
  • Doctoral program affiliation

ASPPB Closed Record Verification Service (CRVS) Procedures

  1. All internship and postdoctoral training programs choosing to store their records with ASPPB CRVS will sign the Memorandum of Agreement and fully complete the Basic Information Form for all Interns/Residents.
  2. The program may begin sending records to ASPPB CRVS at any time after the Memoradum of Agreement is signed, but it recommended that a definitive cut-off date be implemented to advise querying entities (licensing boards, hospitals, employers, etc.) of the transformation (e.g., "We will begin shipping interns/residents records to ASPPB CRVS as of ____, 201_.  During this period, _________________ internship/residency program will be unable to assist you with your credentials verification inquiry requests.")
  3. ASPPB CRVS will accept the originals as they exist now (normally in paper format-each separate intern/resident's record in a unique file. Records should be sent in a secure box (waterproofed and sealed).  We request that the files contained in each box be indicated on the outside of the box (i.e., 1988 A-G).
  4. As noted on the Basic Information Form, information is needed on the program itself-inception date of the program, accreditation dates and by whom, list of the program directors by year(s). These data will be necessary for later verifications.

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