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CPQ Program Information

The purpose of the CPQ is to document that the individual holding the certificate has met specific requirements in licensure, education, examination and training and has never had disciplinary actions taken against his or her license. Psychology licensing boards that accept the CPQ have agreed to accept the CPQ holder's educational preparation, supervised experience and examination performance for licensure. The CPQ does not constitute a license to practice.

Useful Information Regarding Using the CPQ

  •  A jurisdiction may require a CPQ holder to pass local requirements such as jurisprudence exam (e.g. local mental health law), training on abuse reporting or a personal interview.
  •  A few jurisdictions limit licensure to psychologists trained as health service providers in psychology. In these jurisdictions, a non-health service provider psychologist could obtain the CPQ and yet not be eligible for licensure in some jurisdictions.
  • Expedites licensure application process
  • Establishes an ASPPB Credentials Bank® record
  • Free EPPP Score Transfer service
  • Promotes greater uniformity for credentialing standards
  • Access to informative emails via the CPQ listserv

CPQ Participating Jurisdictions

See the ASPPB CPQ Jurisdictional List for more information regarding CPQ participating jurisdictions.

CPQ Eligibility Requirements

ASPPB issues the CPQ to psychologists who:

  • Are licensed in the U.S. and Canada
  • Have met standards of educational preparation, supervised experience and examination performance
  • Have practiced for a minimum of five years
  • Have no history of disciplinary action

See the CPQ Application Quick Guide or the ASPPB Mobility Program Policies and Procedures for more information regarding CPQ eligibility requirements.To learn about CPQ application fees, use the ASPPB Mobility Program Fee Chart.

Important Information about PSY|PRO
ASPPB has launched PSY|PRO, our online application management system. In the past, you may have accessed the PLUS Portal and one of the things we do here is regularly evaluate our programs and services, making changes based on user feedback. Many of our users are applicants who are using the system to bank information in the Credentials Bank, apply through the Psychology Licensure Universal System (PLUS), request EPPP Score Transfers or apply for the Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate (IPC) and Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology (CPQ). We are always looking for feedback and our applicants delivered. So, we made some changes to PSY|PRO that we think are pretty awesome and will enhance your credentialing experience. 


Use your CPQ

Complete a CPQ Verification Request by logging into your CPQ record on the ASPPB Mobility Portal. A verification of your CPQ will be sent to the CPQ participating jurisdiction of your request.

Contact Us

For more information or to request paper application forms, contact the ASPPB Mobility Program.

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