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Agreement of Reciprocity

The ASPPB Agreement of Reciprocity encourages states and provinces to enter into a cooperative agreement whereby any individual holding a license in one AOR participating jurisdiction may obtain a license to practice in another AOR participating jurisdiction. Entrance into the AOR is dependent on a state or province demonstrating that their requirements for licensure meet the standards required by other AOR participating jurisdictions. Under the reciprocity approach to mobility, all licensed psychologists in AOR participating jurisdictions are eligible for licensure in all other AOR participating jurisdictions.

AOR Participating Jurisdictions

  • Arkansas
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario

How Do I Qualify?

  • You must be licensed/registered at the doctoral level in one of the AOR participating jurisdictions. The jurisdiction in which you are seeking licensure must also be an AOR participating jurisdiction.
  • You must have been practicing continuously for five years in an AOR participating jurisdiction.
  • You must not have any current charges or outstanding complaints pending against you.
  • You must not have been the subject of any disciplinary action or felony conviction in any state, territory, province or other jurisdiction. (Every jurisdiction will verify this with the ASPPB disciplinary data bank.)
  • You must not have been previously denied licensure/certification by the state or province to which you are applying.

How Do I Apply?
  • Contact the board where you wish to become licensed and request an application for licensure by the ASPPB Agreement of Reciprocity and information on any additional requirements (i.e. Jurisprudence exam, additional meetings to verify fitness to practice, etc.)
  • Complete the application.
  • Sign the waiver of confidentiality.
  • Ask three professional colleagues to send letters of reference to the state or province to which you are applying.

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For more information, contact the ASPPB Mobility Program.

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