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EPPP Score Transfer

ASPPB EPPP Score Transfer Service Overview

The ASPPB Score Transfer Service maintains a permanent record of EPPP scores and, at a candidate's request, the service will report the candidate's EPPP score to the licensing board of another state or province in which the candidate seeks licensure or certification. The EPPP score report will also include a review of ASPPB's Disciplinary Data System to determine if a disciplinary sanction imposed on the candidate's license has been reported by a psychology licensing board.

EPPP scores are automatically registered with ASPPB EPPP Score Transfer Service. A candidate's examination fee includes a report of his/her score to the licensing board in which he or she seeks initial licensure.

Information for all Requests

When requesting an ASPPB Score Transfer, candidates must have the following information:

  • Correct name used when taking the EPPP;
  • The exact date the exam was taken which includes month, day, and year; and
  • The correct jurisdiction for which the exam was taken for initial licensure.

In order to obtain the requested information above, please contact the jurisdiction you were initially licensed in. The following link contains all jurisdictional contact information: Jurisdictional Contact Info

How soon will the board or agency receive my EPPP scores?

  • For Standard EPPP Score Transfer Service, you should allow four weeks from the time you submit your request.
  • For Expedited EPPP Score Transfer Service, you should allow five business days from the time ASPPB receives your request.



Option 1: How do I request a transfer of my EPPP score?

You may now request your EPPP Score Transfer online!

Please visit PLUS and complete the Personal Information Page. Once you have saved your information, you will be notified by email of your password to finish processing your score transfer request.

If you do not wish to process your score transfer online, please email us for a .pdf version of the request form.

Please note: An EPPP Score Transfer only needs to be completed when you are sending your results to another state/jurisdiction outside of the state/jurisdiction in which you initially took the exam.  


Option 2: Incomplete Score Transfer?

In order to finish processing your online score transfer request, please visit PLUS and enter the email address you used in completing the Personal Information page. Your password was provided to you by email after you completed the Personal Information page.  If you do not have that password, you may request a new password and it will be emailed to the email address on file.

You will then be directed to the New Client Registration page.  Please select the EPPP Score Transfer button and fill out corresponding exam information.  Payments can be made once this information is submitted.

Option 3: Additional Score Transfer?

Please visit PLUS and enter the email address you provided on your previous score transfer request(s).  If you do not have that password, you may request a new password at the login page and it will be emailed to the email address on file.


Option 2: Additional Score Transfer?
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