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PLUS Overview

ASPPB Psychology Licensure Universal System (PLUS)®

As of July 2011, the PLUS system is being implemented in participating jurisdictions.  If you are applying for licensure in one of those jurisdictions, you will need to contact that jurisdiction first before signing up with ASPPB for any service.


The Psychology Licensure Universal System®  or "PLUS" is an online system designed to allow individuals to apply for licensure, certification, or registration in any state, province, or territory in the United States or Canada currently participating in the PLUS program. The PLUS also enables concurrent application for the ASPPB Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology (CPQ)® and the ASPPB Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate (IPC)® All information collected as part of your application is deposited and saved in the ASPPB Credentials Bank®: a Credentials Verification & Storage Program (The Bank) where it can be accessed by you or forwarded to any other licensing board, organization, entity, or individual, upon request at any time in the future (transfer fees may apply).


In addition to forwarding your application to the requested licensing board or college, some forms and information will be forwarded to institutions, organizations and/or individuals where you completed your education, training, and experience, for verification.  All information provided is also subject to primary source verification by ASPPB.


When you submit a PLUS application for licensure to a specific jurisdiction, all of the information that you provide is forwarded to that jurisdiction by ASPPB, where the licensing board/college will determine your eligibility for licensure.  ASPPB does not determine your eligibility for licensure.


Current Participating Jurisdictions

Coming Soon 

  • Alaska Board of Psychologists & Psychological Associate Examiners
  • Arizona Board of Psychologists Examiners
  • Missouri State Committee of Psychologists
  • North Carolina Psychology Board
  • Oregon State Board of Psychologist Examiners


If you are a jurisdiction interested in learning more about the PLUS, please email us.

Please note: the use of a third-party organization to complete any portion of the PLUS application process is not permitted. Only materials gathered by ASPPB are recognized as being submitted from the primary source when provided to the licensing agency through PLUS.  Any documents not gathered by ASPPB directly from the primary source or any forms not completed directly by the applicant will not be included in your completed PLUS application packet. 

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