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Register for EPPP

Register for EPPP

You must be an applicant for licensure as a psychologist in a U.S. or Canadian jurisdiction to take the EPPP. Be sure you are authorized to take the Examination before proceeding.

The individual seeking licensure must apply to his or her jurisdictional licensing authority before applying to sit for the examination. The licensing authority reviews the credentials of the applicant and determines if he or she meets the requirements set in the laws of the state or province.  Canadian French speaking applicants please read the important notice of changes effective August 1, 2014 for the FEPPP noted below.


I have already applied for my license


Changements importants pour candidats prenant l’Examen Français de Pratique Professionnelle en Psychologie

Effectif dès le 1er Août, 2014:

  1. 225 questions
    Toutes formes de l’Examen Français de Pratique Professionnelle en Psychologie (EFPPP) auront 225 questions, comprenant 175 questions notées comme éléments opérationnels, et 50 questions notées comme éléments de prétest. Les éléments du prétest apparaissent au hasard dans l’examen et ne seront pas identifiables. Il sera donc important de répondre à toutes les 225 questions du test.

  2. En français seulement
    L’EFPPP ne sera plus offert dans un format bilingue, mais uniquement en français.

  3. Augmentation de temps alloué
    Le temps alloué pour compléter l’EFPPP augmentera de 3 heures et 20 minutes à 4 heures et 15 minutes.

  4. Augmentation de frais du centre de test (Prometric)
    La redevance Prometric pour l’EFPPP augmentera de 75,13 $ US à 79,58 $ US, dû à l'augmentation de temps alloué.


Veuillez noter que l’EFPPP n'est disponible que pour les personnes qui demandent un permis d'exercice dans une juridiction qui légalement nécessite la disponibilité de la version française de l’EPPP. 


Important Changes for Candidates Taking the
French Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (FEPPP)

Effective August 1, 2014:


  1. 225 questions
    All forms of the French Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (FEPPP) will have 225 questions, 175 of which are scored operational items, and 50 of which are unscored pretest items. The pretest items will appear randomly throughout the examination and will not be identifiable.
    Therefore, it will be important to answer all 225 test questions.

  2. French Only
    The FEPPP will no longer be presented in a bilingual format, but in French only.

  3. Increased Time Allotment
    The time allotted to take the FEPPP will increase from 3 hours and 20 minutes to 4 hours and 15 minutes.

  4. Test Center (Prometric) Fee Increase
    The Prometric fee for the FEPPP will increase from $75.13 USD to $79.58 USD, reflective of the increased time allotted.


Please note that the FEPPP is available only to individuals applying for licensure in a jurisdiction that legally requires the availability of a French version of the EPPP. 




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