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ASPPB Model Documents
ASPPB Model Documents

February 28, 2017


The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB) is pleased to submit the draft ASPPB Code of Conduct (Originally approved in 1990; last revision 2005); draft ASPPB Model Act for Licensure and Registration for Psychologists (Originally approved in 1992; last revision 2010); and draft ASPPB Model Regulations (Originally approved in 2001; no revision date) for public comment. Links to the draft documents can be found below.

The Model Act and Regulations contains a main section and three (3) subsections. The main section addresses statutes and regulations for the licensure of doctoral level psychologists.  The subsections address licensure for Psychological Associates and Behavior Analysts as well as certification for Prescribing Psychologists.

If a jurisdiction utilizes any language from the subsections, it is the intention of ASPPB that the language would be inserted into the main Act and/or Regulations where appropriate. Since the majority of the language in the main Act or Regulations would be the same and only slight language changes would be needed, the Model Act and Regulations Committee did not draft these subsections as free standing sections.

We are interested in your reactions, feedback, suggestions, and/or alternative ideas to all aspects of these current draft model documents.

Please direct your comments to Janet Orwig at by May 8, 2017.

Thank you in advance for your comments.


ASPPB Code of Conduct

ASPPB Model Act for the Licensure and Registration of Psychologists

ASPPB Model Regulations




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